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It is a device that changes the digital signal from a computer into the analogue signal more suited to a phone line, and the analogue signal from phone line into the digital signal for the computer to use. These two processes are called modulation and demodulation. The word modem comes from these two words: MOdulation and DEModulaion = MO DEM.

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Q: Where does the name modem come from?
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What is the scientific name for modem?

There is no scientific name for modem.

What is the other name for modem?

modem full name

Does vonage come with a modem?

No, it comes with a router that connects to your modem

Why is the modem for a laptop different from a modem for another type of computer?

laptops and computers dont come with modems. They come with wireless adapters that are essentially the same for both laptop and desktop, that can connect to modems. If you have a purchased usb modem for your laptop, that is what is accessing the internet. If you do not, the modem, say at Starbucks, is accessing the internet for you...and you are connecting to it.

What is the name of the port used by an Ethernetcable what is the name of the port used by a dial-up modem?

RJ-45 Ethernet, RJ-11 Modem

What is the name of the port used by an Ethernet cable what is the name of the port used by dial up modem?

Ethernet cable is RJ 45. Dial-up modem is RJ 11

The name used of the port by a dial-up modem is?


Company name of modem?

motorola,samsung, motorola,samsung,

All laptops come with a built in modem so therefore you can connect to your internet service provider without adding an external modem?

No, generally not.Most newer laptops come with a built in network card and wireless network, but many laptops come without a modem.If you have a broadband connection, like ADSL (over the phone line) or cable (over the cable TV connection), you will normally get the modem from the ISP.

Another name for an audio modem riser slot is?

PCI express

What is the name of the port used by dial-up modem?

RJ 11

When troubleshooting a motherboard you discover the modem port no longer works. What is the best and least expensive solution to this problem a. Replace the motherboard. b. Disable the modem port and?

If your not using it then don't worry about it. But motherboards don't come with a modem port. A modem port is on an add on card like a PCI Modem. Take out the old one and insert another and load the drivers from the included CD that is the cheapest way.