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It came from the name akemi becuz that name is a animal

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Q: Where did the name anime come from?
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When will Ph.D come out in anime?

There has been no news yet of PhD coming out in anime.

Does anime only come from Japan?

Well anime is the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of "animation." Anime is what you call cartoons from Japan.

When did anime come along?


My girlfriend likes anime what should I call her?

If your girlfriend like anime you can call her anime Annie. No, her name is Shanice and I want a name that is short, like 4 letters but refers to anime

How do you publish an anime?

Come up with a good idea for an anime and find a company to support you.

Can you name three anime websites?

1. Gogoanime 2. Anime Fuel 3. Anime Season

Is luka and yuuki main characters of any anime?

According to there is 9 anime charaters with the name Luka and there is 98 anime charaters with the name of Yuuki.

Were does the name 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' come from?

If you watch the Anime, Haruhi is Melancholy in some parts, witch means Sad and Depressed.

What was the name of the anime about a girl whose grandma had 3 dolls that could come to live and protect her?

Supper Doll Licca or Licca-chan. The Japanese counterpart of Barbie. Cute anime I love it when I was in High School.

When does the Kingdom Hearts movie come out?

It's not very likely that there will be one, there hasn't even been an anime yet. The anime will probably come first

Who is the teacher in in the shuffle anime?

In the Shuffle! anime, the teacher's name is Nadeshiko Benibara.

Can you name white or silver anime girls?

Most anime girls are white.