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The anime xxxHolic: Kei is based on the manga of the same name, and was released in 2008. It was released in the U.S. in the same year as it was in Japan.

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Q: When will xxxholic kei come to us?
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Is xxxholic kei dubbed?

no, it seems that no animation studio like Funimation has decided to dub it just yet but we can keep hoping.

When does xxxholic season 3 come out?

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When will xxxholic chapter 205 come out?

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What is the title of xxxholic's third season?

XXXholic shunmuki

How many episodes of xXxHOLiC are there in English?

The whole first season of xxxHolic is in English (24 episodes) and the xxxHolic movie: A Midsummer Night's Dream is also in English :)

Which chapter of XXXholic was the word connecting game played in?

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How many xxxholic volumes are there so far?

As of 2010-03-23 there are 15 volumes in English of XXXholic .

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