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Q: Where does paul banks of interpol live?
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How old is Paul Banks from Interpol?

Paul Banks was born May 3, 1978, he's 33 years old. He became a member of the band, Interpol in 1997.

How tall is paul banks from interpol?

Paul Banks is something around 6' foot tall or over.

What is the name of the lead singer of the band Interpol?

I think his name is Paul Banks.

Which Famous people have the initials PB?

Paul Banks the lead singer from Interpol.

Is Paul Banks of Interpol married?

No, however he does have a girlfriend.

Does paul banks of interpol have a girlfriend?

He had a girlfriend named Abby Drucker and she's a photographer. He is currantly dating Helena Christensen.

How old are the members of Interpol?

Paul Banks-33 Daniel Kessler-36 Sam Foragino-42 Carlos Dengler-36

How tall is paul banks of interpol?

Paul Banks, the lead singer and guitarist of Interpol, is approximately 6 feet tall.

Who are in the band Interpol?

Paul Banks-vocals, guitar Daniel Kessler-guitar Sam Foragino-drummer Brad Truax-bassist Brandon Curtis-keyboards Former bassist: Carlos Dengler.

Does interpol have an office in Spain you are searching for an interpol officer in Spain named paul martinez diaz is there such a person connected with interpol in Spain?

INTERPOL does have an office in Madrid. Contact INTERPOL headquarters for that contact information: INTERPOL General Secretariat 200, quai Charles de Gaulle 69006 Lyon France

What is Paul Banks's birthday?

Paul Banks was born on May 3, 1978.

When was Paul N. Banks born?

Paul N. Banks was born in 1934.