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River Heights

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Q: Where does Nancy Drew of River Heights live?
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What state does Nancy drew live in?

Nancy Drew (fictitious character) is from River Heights, a fictitious suburb of Chicago. The Muskoka River runs through it.

At what address does Nancy Drew live?

418 West Lilac Grove, River Heights.

In the Nancy Drew books where does Ned live?

In the Nancy Drew books, Ned Nickerson lives in Emerson College, where he studies. He is often depicted as Nancy's boyfriend and a supportive friend who helps her solve mysteries.

What town does Nancy drew live in?

Well, if you'd read the books and played the computer games, you'd know she's from River Heights.

Where did Carolyn Keen live?

Carolyn Keene is not an actual person. Carolyn Keene is a pen name or pseudonym of the writers of the Nancy Drew series and The Dana Girls stories, as well as the River Heights books and the Nancy Drew Notebooks.

Who does Nancy drew live with?

Her dad (Carson drew) her housekeeper (Hannah greun)

Where in Australia can you get Nancy Drew games?

I actually live in Canada, but I know you can purchase Nancy Drew PC games off of Ebay that are from Australia. Hope this helps :)

Did Nancy Drew ever live or was she just a character in a book?

Just a fictional character.

Who are some of Nancy Drews family?

The only member of Nancy Drew's family who gets regular mention is her dad Carson Drew, although her Aunt Eloise also appears in some books. Nancy's mom died when she was three (10 in first edition Nancy Drew Mystery Stories hardbacks), but the family's live-in housekeeper, Hannah Gruen, is like a mom to her.

The name of Nancy drews housekeeper?

Hannah Gruen has worked for the Drews since Mrs. Drew's death when Nancy was two. Hannah is almost like a mom to Nancy and is a live-in housekeeper.

Carolyn Keene the author of Nancy drew books where did she live a s a child?

She was born in Ladora, IO, and lived there until after college. :)

In Wurthering Heights where do the earnshaws live?

they live in wuthering heights.