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High River, Alberta

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Q: Where does terry grant of mantracker live?
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How tall is Mantracker's Terry Grant?


Is terry grant of mantracker gay?

I haven't seen any sure signs

What breed of horse does mantracker ride?

Chad Savage and Terry Grant both have ridden Quarter Horses on the OLN reality show Mantracker.

Is mantracker terry grant married?

Of course he is, no one that hot would be single, Her name is Kim

How old is Terry Grant Mantracker?

51 born December 6 or 7, 1958

Who is terry grant?

Terry Grant is the main character in the reality tv show " Mantracker" which is airing its fifth season on OLN network in August 2010. Filming is now underway for a sixth season.

What is 'Mantrackers' real name?

According to the Alberta Search and Rescue website where Mantracker has volunteered with the Foothills Search and Rescue Team for approximately 13 years - his name is Terry Grant.

Is terry grant of mantracker married?

Of course he is, no one that hot would be single, Her name is Kim

Who is Terry Grant's wife?

Kim Grant is Terry Grant's wife.

How tall is Michael Grant Terry?

Michael Grant Terry is 5' 11".

What nicknames does Michael Grant Terry go by?

Michael Grant Terry goes by Mike.

When was Mantracker created?

Mantracker was created in 2006.