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SL is a game that you must explore on your own. I can't really give you an answer, although I can hint that You must walk bravely down a path and also have an Evil alignment. The rest is up for you to learn by yourself.

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Q: Where do you get curse seal on shinobi legends?
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What is the RPG shinobi legends?

shinobi legends is a text-based rpg that is based on the anime books and shows/movies called Naruto.

Is there an online Naruto game where you can create your own shinobi as in designing one like you would do on runescape?

yes there is. go to the following link to play shinobi legends. a game where you make your own shinobi.

Sasuke curse mark is called?

heaven seal

What does kimimaro's curse mark mean?

Kimimaro's curse mark is the seal of heaven, just like Sasuke's

Sasuke can still use half of the curse seal?

In present condition NO

What is the spirit curse mark?

The spirit curse mark is a seal from the animated show Naruto. This move is done by the main character Sasuke.

Hot do you unlock curse sealed Sasuke in Naruto arena?

To unlock Curse seal Sasuke complete the C rank mission DECENT INTO DARKNESS

What are the release dates for Legends of the Hidden Temple - 1993 Henry VIII's Great Seal 1-12?

Legends of the Hidden Temple - 1993 Henry VIII's Great Seal 1-12 was released on: USA: 19 January 1994

What are the names of all the SpongeBob legends?

aired legends of bikini bottom;The monster who came to bikini bottom,Welcome to the bikini bottom triangle,The main drain,Sponge-Cano unaired legends of bikini bottom;Trenchbillies,The curse of the hex you can still watch the unaired legends if you buy the DVD Legends of bikini bottom

Is Sasukes curse mark real?

Well, Sasuke's curse mark is real to HIM. Its not real in this world but of course in the world of he ninja the curse mark is a curse placed by Orochimaru to further advance a certain seal of dark jutsu.

Who is the eel like sponge Bob character?

The character you are likely referring to is Madame Hag.She is only seen in Legends of Bikini Bottom: The Curse of The Hex where she puts a "curse" on the Krusty Krab.

What s the meaning of curse mark sasuke?

he loses it when hes fighting Itachi. but loosing the curse mark was a good thing for Sasuke. after he lost it, he obtained the mangekyou sharingan. with the curse mark it was impossible to get his sharingan to the ultimately level.