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Beauty Supply stores, or Amazon

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Q: Where do you get Diane brushes?
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What are most chimney brushes made of?

There are different varieties of chimney brushes available for different chimney types. The two basic types of chimney brushes are wire brushes and polypropylene brushes.

What is the plural possessive of brush?

It depends on which type of brush you mean. If you men a brush as in a shrubbery, then the word brush is plural and singular. To be lost in the brush implies that you are in an area that is full of bushes or shrubberies. If you mean a brush that you use in your hair, then the plural is brushes.

Plural word for brush?


What are Estee Lauder brushes made of?

Back in the year 2000, I used to work for Estee Lauder and heard the make-up brushes were made of goat hair/fur. Not sure what is currently used.

Which are better electronic brushes or manual brushes?

I've never used electronic brushes, but people have been using manual brushes for thousands of years and they have worked fine so I would say manual brushes.

What kind of makeup brushes does MAC make?

MAC Cosmetics makes 28 different types of makeup brushes. Their bestselling makeup brush is the 217 blending brush, but they also make powder brushes, lash brushes, brow brushes, eye shader brushes and more.

What rhymes with pain brushes?

Did you mean "paint" brushes?

What is photo shop brushes?

how do you change aphoto to brushes?

What is the plural of the word brush?

The plural of the word brush is brushes. As in "she brushes her hair".

Do hair brushes result loss of hair?

Hair brushes don't make anybody go bald and hair brushes are much better than combs as the brushes have open bristles.The brushes have broad surface which cover most of the hair.

Who are famous actors with the first name Diane?

Diane Keaton Diane Carroll Diane Lane Diane Kruger (German model and actress)

How do you say Diane in hawaiian?

Diane = Kiane