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The Flute originated somewhere in northern France.
Flutes started in South America.

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Q: Where did the flute originate?
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Where did the flute originate from?

It is not really known were it originated from

When does the flute originate from?

People have excavated flutes that date back to 37000 BC, but the modern flute was made in 1847.

Where did the concert flute originate from?

somewhere about 30,000 years ago, but this is when the first flute was made. It was a carved bone and was found in a cave in northern France. Don't know about the concert flute.

Where did the alto saxophone originate?

The alto saxophone basically came from the flute and the clarinet. Although it has a reed mouthpeice of a clarinet, it has all of the same fingerings that a flute has.

Where did flutes originate?

the flute was heard to have originated in a cave near Ulm in Germany. but many scientists thought that the first flute was a bear bone. the first flute was found in a cave and was made out of a vultures wing bone

Where did the flute guitar originate?

you are an amateur. its obviously from Neverland. oh the good old days i had with peter. you wish you were me

A list of woodwind instruments without a reed?

Flute, Piccolo, Bass Flute, Western concert flute, alto flute, Contra-alto flute, contrabass flute, double contrabass flute, hyperbass flute, and Irish flute.

What are the different versions of the flute?

Pan Flute Piccolo Alto Flute Bass Flute Original Flute Ocarina

Who has the flute?

I have a flute.

What are the names of all the flutes?

Piccolo flute, C flute (^^), alto flute, bass flute, and contra-bass flute!

What is higher the tenor flute or the alto flute?

the alto flute

What is an Indian flute?


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