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haji sab spent 20 yrs to teach the fools like you.haji sab is our hero. haji sab zinda bad plzzzzzzzzz don,t ask silly question TIME IS VERY PRECIOUS

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Q: Where did haji shariat ullah live for twenty years?
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Why did Haji shariat ullah go to purify Islam in Bengal?

He emphasized on purifying Islam in Bengal because it was his homeland. He was born there.

What did haji shariat ullah mean by dar ul herb?

Dar-ul-Harb means an area ruled by non-Muslims like Bengal was.

The Farazi Movement of Bengal led by Dadu Mian?

He was son of Haji Shariat ullah! his real name was mohsin-ud-din! carried out his father's work.(the faraizi movement)

Why did haji shariat ullah want to purify Islam in Bengal?

Because some parts of Islam are impossible to met for a poor man. So he purified it for the poor persons(not the rich)

When and where haji sharit ullah was born?

Haji Shariatullah was born in 1764.

Who is the create of Faraizi movement?

Faraizi movement was actually started by Haji Shariat Ullah. The word Faraizi is derived from the word "Faraiz" which means "duties which must be fulfilled in any case." Shariat Ullah was a man with a very enthusiastic personality regarding his religion. Haji Shariatullah was born in the village of Banderlakola of Faridpur district, in the year 1781. He was the son of an ordinary farmer. He got his early education from his village & later went to Arabia to perform Hajj at an age of 18 years. He stayed there from 1799 to 1818 and during that time, he received his religious education. When he returned to his country, it seemed as if the Muslims of the subcontinent due to living with Hindus for centuries had forgotten their responsibilities of their own religion. Shariat Ullah wanted to revive that. Hence, he started a movement in which he along with his companions would teach the Muslims again regarding their Faraiz (duties according to religion).

Who is shah wali ullah?


Who is dadu mian?

born in 1819son of haji shariat ullahcarried out movement started by his father "the faraizi movement" in bengalit was against the tyranny of landlords

Describe the achievements of haji sharit ullah inreviving of islam?

Haji sharitullah was a great leader . On his return to bengal he thought to purify the islam that was impaired by the hindu infulance .Haji shariatullah awaken the muslim of bengal by intiating the faraizi movement he stared his movement among the most depressed section of muslim society .

Haji shariat ullah?

He was born in Farid Pur, present Bangladesh. He belonged to a poor peasant family. In 1799 he went to Arabia where he stayed for nineteen years. He was impressed by the teachings of Sheikh Abdul Wahab. He started his movement for the revival of Islam & to minimize the Hindu influence from the Muslim society. His movement is known as the Faraizi Movement because he emphasized to be particular about the obligations imposed by Islam. To achieve his targets, he believed in Jihad. He struggled against the British and the Hindu landlords and gave Muslims confidence to fight. He died in 1840 and his work was carried on by his son Mohsin ud Din.

How old is Stelios Haji-Ioannou?

Stelios Haji-Ioannou is 44 years old (birthdate: February 14, 1967).

How old is Haji?

Haji (Barbarella Catton) was 67 years old when she died on August 9, 2013 (birthdate: January 24, 1946).