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=== === Michael Jackson first did the well known moonwalk at Motown in 1983, where he sang 'Bille Jean'. Bill Baily first did it, but Jackson is really talented so he perfected the song and made up this incredible move as it became famous.

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2009-08-13 15:17:51
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Q: Where did Michael first show off the Moonwalk?
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Where did Michael Jackson first show off the moonwalk?

At Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever in 1983 during the song Billie Jean.

Did Michael Jackson moonwalk off of a bridge and die?

No he didnt moon walk off a bridge and die!He died by a heart attack at 12:30 on June 25th 2009

How invented the moonwalk off of Poptropica?

Neil Armstrong

How do you do the moonwalk dance by Michael Jackson?

The Moonwalk is easy..... once you master it. First you raise one of your heels off the ground but always remember have your toes on the ground at ALL TIMES and have the other foot flat on the ground. You slide the foot that is flat on the ground back but not too far back. Then, you put the heel that is in the air down to the ground and at the same time put your heel that was on the ground from when you were sliding up into the air. KEEP YOUR TOES ON THE GROUND AT ALL TIMES. Then you slide the foot that is on the ground back and repeat about five times. if you want you can practice. And that is "How to you Moonwalk like Michael Jackson."

Does Michael Phelps enjoy showing off?

No, he does not show off. The moment he opens his mouth and brags (show off), he will lose it all like Milorad.

How do you become famous like Michael Jackson?

well first you have to have a talent then show off your talent to some one who can make you famouse then try harder and become Michael Jackson lol

What was Michael Jackson's first ever album?

Off The Wall

What was Michael Jackson's first hit album?

Off The Wall

On the TV show Prison Break what body part does Michael have cut off?


What dance moves did Michael Jackson create?

Michael Jackson created the 'Anti-Gravity Lean', where he leans forward deifying gravity. It was first seen in his music video 'Smooth Criminal', off his 'Bad' album, around 1988. Michael Jackson's trademark dance move, the Moonwalk, was NOT created by him. He said himself that he picked it up from black kids dancing on the street. He POPULARISED the Moonwalk. He also popularised the Robot dance move back in the 1970s performing with the Jackson 5. He was performing 'Dancing Machine' with the group. Later on in his life, he carried on with Robotic dance moves in performances like MTV's Video Music Awards in 1995 and his concert performances. Michael Jackson is also legendary for his quick, long spins.

When did Michael Jackson's first album come out?

in 1979 off the wall

What was the first song written by Michael Jackson?

The first song Michael Jackson was credited for writing was "Blues Away" off of the 1976 album The Jacksons.

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