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I keep having to say this. So I just copied and pasted my answer. Even so, it's still getting on my nerves. So please.

There is no Movie 5.

Nothing. No new episodes or seasons. They actually are doing a new few last ones: The original cast is getting together to remake the last chapter of InuYasha into an anime, but that's a whole nother story.

I'm not sure where you heard that a Movie 5 was coming out, but either they are wrong or they are joking. I don't care how trustworthy or reliable they are, because there is no Movie 5, period. Sorry.

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There isn't a fifth movie yet.

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Q: Where can you watch inuyasha the fith movie?
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When do you watch the fourth movie of Inuyasha?

After the third.

Is inuyasha movie 2 on the computer?

yes, i found it by typing in watch inuyasha movie 2 online for free

When do you watch the first Inuyasha movie?

Episode 83

When is inuyasha movie 5 coming out?

already did you can probably watch it online.

Inuyasha live action movie?

Just type in: inuyasha live action movie. Then scroll down and you will see: inuyasha live action play DVD part... (1-9). UR WELCOME!! ^_^

Where can you whatch inuyasha movie 5?

You can't watch the movie yet cuz it hasn't come out

What is the first movie in the inuyasha series called and where are you supposed to watch it?

Inuyasha: Affection touching across time. (I watched on TV), you should be able to watch it on you tube though.

Where can you watch the fifth inuyasha movie?

there's no such thing. the only things you hear about movie 5 are the rumors

What episode does Inuyasha the movie 2 come after?

Inuyasha movie 1

What is the last Inuyasha episode in the 2 movie?

the inuyasha movie is not an episode

What movie in Inuyasha did Inuyasha become full domon?

Movie 2

How can you get inuyasha show back in rolling?

inuyasha is on t.v. but it comes out on sundays and it starts at 2 or 5 of the morning in order for me to watch inuyasha i set a timer to record each episode of inuyasha but i dont know if you can watch it on t.v. so you can just watch online at WWW. InuYasha