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If you live near a Jouney's store, they probably have them there. should have them. Or maybe

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Q: Where can you get the green converse sneakers that Nick Jonas has?
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What style of converse sneakers does Nick Jonas wear?

He says that they go with everything. He especially likes green Converse.

Nick Jonas favourite pair of shoes?

green converse

What color of convers does Nick Jonas have?

He has many pairs, but his favorite (he wears these most often) are his green hightop converse. He LOVES these.

Does Nick Jonas have converse?

yeah he officially has 46 pairs he said!

Whats Nick Jonas favourite piece of clothing?

converse shoes.

Is green nick Jonas favourite coulor or joe Jonas?

green is joe's favorite colour and dark blue is nick's favorite colour

What is Nick Jonas' favirote color?

It is ............Green!

How do you dress to look like young Nick Jonas?

Sneakers,Curly Hair,Jeans, And T-Shirts

What colour did the Jonas brothers like?

Nick Jonas- Blue Joe Jonas- Blue Kevin Jonas- Green

What team color is Nick Jonas on for the Disney channel games?

Kevin Jonas was the captain of the yellow team joe Jonas was on the green team nick Jonas was on the red team

What is Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas favourite colour?

both of theres are green and blue

What team is Joe Jonas and keven Jonas and Nick Jonas on at the 2008 Disney channel games?

joe was from green Kevin was the captain of yellow nick was from red