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yes Nick Jonas is really nick Jonas

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Q: Isnt Nick Jonas really nick Jones?
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Is Kaylee really friends with Nick Jonas?

no kaylee and nick Jones are soooooooooooooo not friends. i know im a friend

Who is the youngest Jones?

Nick is!

Is nick Jonas dating lucie Jones?


Who is Kevin Jones brother?

Nick Jonas and Joe (Joseph) Jonas

Is Nick Jones Scottish?

if you are refering to Nick from the Jonas brothers than his sir name is Jonas and no he is American

When was Nick Jones birthplace?

Dellas Texas is where Nick Jonas was born in.

Is nick Jones dead?

Nick Jonus doesn't exist.

Is nick Jones a gay person?

Nick Jonas is not gay. Nick has told his fans that.

What is Ages of the Jones Brothers?

joe Jonas is 19, Nick Jonas is 16 , and Kevin Jonas is 22

Did Nick Jones have diabetes?

Yes, Nick Jonas has diabetes and has had them for almost a year now.

Did Justin Bieber kiss nick jones?

No he didn't kiss Nick Jonas he is not gay.

Does Nick Jonas like snakes?

No not really Nick Jonas doesn't like snakes.