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You can get embroidery floss at your local craft stores or flea markets for cheap.

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11y ago sells each skein for 32 cents...

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Q: Where can you get embroidery floss?
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What is better for friendship bracelets embroidery floss or craft thread?

embroidery floss

What is the best place to buy embroidery floss?

You can buy embroidery floss at your nearby Michael's or Joan's. hope this helps!

Is embroidery floss the sme as cotton?

Embroidery floss can be fabricated from cotton fibre. It may also be silk or another man-made fibre.

What are friendship bracelets made out of?

embroidery floss

What equipment is used to do embroidery?

An embroidery hoop, colored floss, needles, scissors and a cloth or canvas.

How do you floss your teeth?

You pull a thread between your teeth. Floss is a term for a thread used in embroidery - now used for dental floss.

What is a embroidery?

Embroidery is where you embroider, or sew thread or embroidery floss in different patterns on to a piece of fabric used often for decoration. One example is cross-stitching.

Can you get embroidery string at Target?

No. Target doesn't carry craft supplies. Micheal's carries "floss" (this is what it is called) and also has patterns. I do embroidery and craft stores are the only places today where you will find floss. There are also online stores that carry it as well. If you buy a kit the floss comes with the pattern.

Is embroidery floss the same as embroidery thread?

No , embroidery thread comes in single strands of various sizes and are sold wrapped around spools similar to sewing thread. Most Embroidery threads are smooth, tight made to be used with machines. Floss is two to six strands loosely twisted , and are sold in hanks when a hank is wrapped in a loose coil then it is called a Skein. (some two strand flosses are sold in spools) the main difference between a strand of thread and a strand of floss is the tightness of the twisting which adds strength. a single strand of thread is harder, firmer to the touch a single floss softer in sewing a single strand of cotton floss will often break where a similar cotton embroidery thread will not.

Is cruelled a word?

Yes. It means that someone sewed patterns on cloth fabric with yarn. It is like embroidery (which is done with fine floss)

What is embroidery yarn?

Some times needle point is done with a thick yarn, not sure if embroidery yarn is what it's called but there is embroidery thread which is more commonly used in cross stich and making friend ship bracelets.

What is the best kind of string to use to make a friendship bracelet?

Yarn, embroidery floss, and other cotton or wool related items would be perfect.