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born this way?

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Q: Where can you get bell lyre notes for lady gaga songs?
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What does Lady Gaga do?

Lady Gaga sings pop songs

What songs have Keha written for Lady Gaga?

none,lady gaga writes her own songs

What job does Lady Gaga do?

lady gaga sings pop songs

Who writes Lady Gaga's songs?

Lady Gaga writes most if not all of her songs herself. lady gaga started out writing songs for other stars then she became lady gaga when she begain singing so i think she rights all her songs herself

Who had Lady Gaga wirtten songs for?

Before she was famous Lady Gaga wrote a couple of songs for the Pussycat Dolls.

Which of Lady Gaga's songs is her favorite?

Lady Gaga likes all of her songs. whoever wrote the answer above me gave a horrible answer

How many songs did Lady Gaga have on her first album?

Lady Gaga's first album 'The Fame' had a total of 16 songs.:)

What is the point of Lady Gaga's songs?

To provide material for dumb Lady Gaga jokes.

Are Lady Gaga songs rated?


Who wrote Lady Gaga just dance?

Lady Gaga writes all of her own songs.

Does any Lady Gaga songs have hyperboles in them?

yes because lady gaga is a swewting person

Does lady gaga say gaga in every one of her songs?