Best Answer happy i could die by Lady Gaga

2.pokerface by lady gaga

3.bad romance by lady gaga game by lady gaga'

5.paper gansta by lady gaga

6.goodbye by kristina debarge

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Q: What are the top 10 best songs right now?
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What is Taylor Swift's top songs?

Right now, Taylor's top songs are You Belong With Me, Love Story, and White Horse.

What is Marshall Bruce Mathers III up to today?

Right now he is at the top of his game. He hasn't been at the top for a whille and right now, he's making more songs. All mainly pointed towards his daughters.

What are the top it bands out in music right now?

The top "it" bands include: The Black Eyed Peas, One Direction, Hedley, All American Rejects, Coldplay. The best way to update your music knowledge is to visit the Billboard Top 100 list. It provides a current chart of the top 100 songs.

What is the top 3 most popular music of 2014?

Happy, All of Me, and Dark Horse are the three most popular songs right now.

When does Undone by FFH come onto iTunes?

It is on iTunes right now, and currently one of the top selling songs in the Christian & Gospel category.

What are some popular Hindi pop songs?

As with any type of music there are some very popular Hindi pop songs currently. Some of the top Hindi pop songs out right now are Tere Bin Jeena Nahin, Tera Yaadein and Indian Levels.

What are the best karaoke songs?

The best karaoke songs are the ones that the most people can sing and/or relate to. Typically classic rock songs top the list followed closely to well-known love songs.

What are the top best songs of this and the previous month yet?

The top song this month is BLACK AND YELLOW! It is the best song ever, and it will forever!

What is the top 10 best songs?

That question can not be answered because you are asking of opinions. There are so many people answering questions on this site, the list would never end. You could be more specific and ask, " what are the top ten most popular songs?" or " What are the top ten best selling songs?".

What are some of today's top love songs?

Have you ever heard of Justin Bieber? They are not the best songs, but "Baby" is the kind of love songs we have today.

Where could one find lists of songs about best friends?

A simple search about "best friend songs" will give you the top ten best friend songs. You can narrow it down by adding to your search a specific genre.

How do you check how many songs you have in windows media player?

Hi, If the version you are using is 9.0 or above. Just click on the now playing list on the top of the screen. You'll be able to see the songs on the right side of the pane. Thanks, Adamas