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you cant.

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Q: Where can you get an adult size 1966 Cesar romero joker costume?
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Was Cesar Romero the first actor to play a live-action version of the Joker?

He had the best Joker laugh out of anybody that tried out.

Did Richard Widmark play the joker in the Batman series on television?

The Joker was played by the late Cesar Romero(February 15, 1907 - January 1, 1994) .

Who played the original joker in batman?

Cesar Romero played the Joker in the 1966 film "Batman".

Was Cesar Romero the lead singer of the Kinks?

No! He played the Joker on Batman!

Who originally played The Joker?

Cesar Romero in the original TV series.

Which actor played the original 'Joker' in Batman?

Jack Nicholson. no it was Cesar romero

Who played the joker?

Heath Ledger play the Joker in the Dark Knight. Jack nicolson and Cesar romero

What is the name of the movie joker was first in?

Not including television, the first film is "Batman" (1966). He was played by Cesar Romero.

Who is the first actor to play joker in batman?

Ceasar Romero was the first joker in a TV series back in the 1960's, but the Joker's character was half based on Conrad Veidt's character in The Man who Laughs back in the 20s, & many concider him to be the first.

What is the name joker inthe new batman?

Heath Ledger

Which actors have played 'the Joker' in Batman?

Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero. mark hamill was the voice actor for the joker in several of the video games and for the animated series.

Which actor played the Joker in Batman?

Batman: The Movie- Cesar Romero Batman- Jack Nicholson The Dark Knight- Heath Ledger Mark Hamill was the voice actor for the Joker in the animated series.