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get a Frankenstein wig (the scientist) and spray it black or grow your hair and tease it like i do!

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Q: Where can you find a Bill Kaulitz wig and can someone post a link?
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Type of hair bill kaulitz had when he was young?

Many different ones and you see them all in the video in the related link below.

What kind of Maybelline eyeliner does Bill Kaulitz use?

Bill Kaulitz does not use Maybeline eyeliner. He uses Cutifem which is a German makeup line he has been seen shopping for Cutifem multiple times such as in this video taken at La Galeries Lafayette in France: See related link below.

Is Bill Kaulitz good at drawing?

Well weather you think he is good at drawing or not depends on your view of it. For an example, This is his drawing from when OKEJ magazine asked him to draw a duck, see related link below.

Who was bill kaulitz last girlfriend?

Not 100% certain about this but the timeline matches so it might have been Ina. He has never mentioned the last one, or any of them, by name.Se related link.

Where can I find the Barclays online link to pay my visa bill?

To pay your bill online, log on to the Barclays website select the 'Pay a bill or someone' link on the left-hand side of the Online Banking At a Glance page. The site will provide step by step information for you to follow in order to make a payment.

What is Bill Kaulitz's favorite Tokio Hotel song?

He always says he likes Dogs Unleashed :) In some other interviews (can't find the link right now, sorry), he said that one of his favorites to perform live is "Noise." Some of his favorite old TH songs are "Monsoon" and "Scream" (to perform live).

Who did bill kaulitz spend his new years of 2008-2009 with und where did he spend it?

He spent it in the same place he did last year, in the Maldives with his twin brother Tom. This link has a few photos on, but when you see what Bill's done to his hair. You may wish you'd never clicked it!

Is this Tom Kaulitz My friend thinks it is but I told her no what do you think?

Wiki can not show photos. The link to the photo is on the discussion page.

What does Bill Kaulitz look like without makeup?

He looks more like a girl without his make-up than with his make-up. I disagree. He looks more manly without. See related link below. I love Bill but he looks like grown-up Spinelli from Recess. He's still cute.

Where can you find the words to the song Barnacle Bill the Sailor?

At the Related Link, and it's an awful song!

When is a link used?

A link is short for hyperlink which is when you refer to a website and give the address. It's to help someone find information

When did Bill Kaulitz get his tongue pierced?

Bill Kaulitz currently has eight piercings that he has admitted to or there is photographic evidence for:One earlobe piercing on his right earThree earlobe piercings on his left earOne right eyebrow piercingOne septum (middle of the nose) piercingOne tongue piercingOne left nipple piercing (he confirmed this in a 2009 live chat)Links to pictures can be found in the Related Links section below.