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Is going to be translated by the end of this week on mangafox

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Q: Where can you find Junjou Romantica act 28 online in English?
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POSSIBLE SPOILER FOR JUNJOU ROMANTICA - BEWARE!!!!!!As of present-date, there is no clear answer to this - it has not happened yet. Though Usagi-san DOES mention that he's "ready to tell Takahiro about [their] relationship" in the manga issue #12, but nothing has given any indication on whether or not that event will actually happen anytime soon.I personally hope so, because I think it might just help Misaki stop being SO insecure about his relationship with Usagi and help him out with his denial issues - it's pretty obvious he loves Usagi-san, in my opinion. *sigh* Only thing we can do now is wait and see what happens in the future issues! ^_^

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