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Use this in a drive : 1HLHXJztcAHEoq0XxM3SMoKHdxzECjc5a

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Q: Where can you download Michael Jackson's movie moonwalker?
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What was Michael jacksons 2nd film?

Michael's 2nd movie was Moonwalker

What is the name of the girl in Michael Jacksons' movie Moonwalker?

Katie played by Kellie Parker.

In Michael jacksons music video smooth criminal what happens to the kids?

Watch the movie Moonwalker

What movie did Michael Jackson transform into a spaceship?


Was Michael Jackson's MoonWalker Movie Made In 1988?


How Long is Michael Jackson's Movie Moonwalker?

93 minutes.

What was the title of Michael Jackson's Movie he turned into a robot?


What is the name of the movie With Michael Jackson and Joe Pesci?


What role did Michael Jackson play in the movie Moonwalker?


What was The name of Michael Jackson movie were he turns into a robot plane?

Michael Jackson MOONWALKER

Which Michael Jackson movie was directed by Jerry Kramer?

He directed Moonwalker.

What year did Michael Jackson do the Moonwalker movie?

October 29, 1988