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You should check out the site


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Q: Where can you buy clothes that characters wear on tv?
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Where do Karen's clothes come from on the tv show The Office?

Like all of the characters on The Office, the costume designers get Karenโ€™s clothes from various locations and stores.

Examples of sentences using the word buy?

I went to Best Buy for a new TV. I like to buy new clothes.

What do the Jonas brothers wear on their tv show?

Clothing When their in school on the show they wear uniforms (they are real cute).When they are out of school on the show they wear the type of clothes they wear in real life.

How do your turn a guy on?

wear see through clothes and wear vertually nothing basically its not that hard don't watch tv??? or the world basically

Where can you get clothes like gossip girl?

The clothes that they wear you can buy stuff that is very much like it. Here are two websites that you can go to to find out what kind of things they wear:

Where does sierra mccormick shop?

Sierra is a movie/tv star she can pretty much buy any clothes she wants but for the show people (costume designers) pick out her clothes

Example of final goods in GDP?

Anything you could buy in a store, such as clothes, televisions, videogames, music, etc.

Where do you get TVs in the game Club Penguin?

TVs are sometimes in the furniture catalog, but they are not always there, they will be back eventually. You must be a member to buy furniture or clothes.

Where do you get TVs on Club Penguin?

TVs are in the furniture catalog in your igloo. They might not always be there but they will come back eventually. You must be a member to buy furniture or clothes.

Where does greta van susteren buy her clothes for her tv show?

Goodwill, I think. She looks like a fugitive from a Halloween party tonight.

Where does the clothes Abby wears on NCIS show come from What stores?

Abby from the television show, NCIS does not buy her clothes anywhere. Abby is a fictional character on the TV show and all the clothes are picked out or made from designers for the show.

Why do characters on tv shows always wear shoes in the house?

so they don't wast time putting them on during the episode cause they only have 22 mins