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Nana to Kaoru

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Q: Where can I find hard core sm or bondage anime or manga as hard core as Hoshi no Yakata?
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Is dragon ball anime or manga?

It is both anime and manga

What is the source of anime?

most anime are based from manga.

Why is manga draw different from anime?

Anime grew out of manga. Manga is pictures and comics while Anime is a film although they both look almost identical anime programmes are sometimes based on manga comics

Is Elfen Lied an anime or a manga?

It's a manga that was also adapted into an anime.

Is anime the same as manga?

No, Manga is a Japanese comic drawn in the same style that Anime is. And Anime is a Japanese cartoon drawn in the same style that Manga is. Some Mangas that have been turned into Anime are: Death Note, School Rumble and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist.

Why does monochrome factor anime not match the manga?

It doesn't go with how the anime does it, and it does not match the manga what so ever there were parts that weren't in the anime but in the manga but with a different plot.

What anime or manga are rin and len from?

They aren't in a anime or manga book. They're from Vocaloids.

What kind of animation is Naruto?

It is basically Anime some people here say anime manga but anime and manga is different. Manga is like a comic but black and white and you read it from right to left. and anime basically means animation in Japanese. So yeah...

Are the totally spies manga or anime?

Totally Spies is an anime. manga are the actual comic strips, anime are the TV shows.

What are some titles of action manga that have no anime adaptation?

Some titles of action manga that have no anime adaption are Silver Spoon (manga) and Nana (manga).

Does anime have to be manga first?

An anime series does not of necessity start with manga . Manga usually generates enough interest to spawn an anime series ; the two are not mutually exclusive .

What is the manga chapter that comes right after the Negima Anime leaves off?

The anime doesn't follow the manga, it diverts from the manga plot quite early on in the anime. So I suggest reading the manga from the beginning.