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if you go to Google and then type in, they will pop up all these links and you have to click the one that says"free songs", when you do , type in the one you want and then plug in you iPod, and sync it!

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Q: Where can I download Diamonds In Her Eyes by the Pajama Club for free?
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Who is the actress in the zales diamonds in your eyes commercial?

Pajama Club

Who sings the song for the current peoples jewelers commercial?

pajama club - "Diamonds in her Eyes"

What is the new zales song diamonds in her eyes?

pajama club - diamonds in her eyes, last track on the new album by neil finn and his wife sharon

What is the song used in the new Zales commercial for Christmas 2011?

"Diamonds in her eyes" by Pajama Club

Who sings 'there are diamonds in her eyes' on zales commercial?

It's Pajama Club. The most recent project from Neil Finn (and wife Sharron).

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