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Download a clip of an Undertaker match and when he rolls his eyes back make a screenshot. Download a clip of an Undertaker match and when he rolls his eyes back make a screenshot.

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Q: Where can you find pictures of the Undertaker with his eyes rolled back?
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How does the undertaker put his eyes white?

he closes his eyes andthen looks up as far as he can, holds the position then opens his eyes

How does the undertaker do that thing with his eyes?

lol its easy just look up real hard u have to be born to do that though 1st, close you eyes , head move down and open your eyes , dont let people see your eyes, then try to move up your eyes then face your face up. Then To let people scary do your eyes up and face down. you also can record your self. Did you know that when you close your eyes that they naturally roll into the back of your head? It's essentially the same, except that you're doing it with your eyes open. All you have to do is just relax, don't tense up, close your eyes slightly, and just use your muscles to roll them into the back of your head. Closing your eyes slightly relieves some of the pressure, which The Undertaker does if you've ever noticed. Just practice at it, and you will get the hang of it.

How can under taker roll his eyes?

The undertaker uses contacts to roll is eyes back. It is almost impossible if he could ''which he cant do'' his eyes would be red and blury while fighting, so the real answear is he wears contacts. When he shuts his eyes for 5 seconds the contacts come down on his eyes, he does is thing than shut is eyes again for 5 seconds. Also the under taker is a total fake so go tell all you bestfriends he cant do that.

Does undertaker wear contacts?

Yes that's why his eyes are so big when he is about to do a choke-slam. Actully yes he does wear contacts that's how he flips his eyes white at his entrance.

What colour are Tina campbell's eyes in Mary Mary?

some type of brown. its not a dark brown because in lots of her pictures her eyes are lighter than dark brown.