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Q: Where are the setting of new moon novel?
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What is the setting of the novel New Moon?

The setting of The Twilight Saga: New Moon is Forks, Washington. The time period is around this time. There isn't a specific time but it is around the time we are living in now.

If the Moon is setting at 6 am the phase of the Moon must be?

If the moon is setting at 6am then it is a New Moon

What is the setting of time in the new moon novel?

The setting of time in the "New Moon" novel is primarily contemporary, taking place in the early 21st century. The story is set in the town of Forks, Washington, and progresses over a period of several months, incorporating key events such as Bella Swan's 18th birthday and her subsequent breakup with Edward Cullen.

When was the setting for Twilight saga new moon?

The setting for twilight New Moon is... Bella and Jacob hope that answered your question

Did the rising and setting of the moon change after the new moon?

erm, no

Who is the antagonist in the novel new moon?


How does the setting influence new moon?

it influenses the setting because of the picture

Words in New Moon novel by Stephenie Meyer starting with Z?

There are no words that start with "Z" in the New Moon novel by Stephenie Meyer.

Where was the setting of transformer dark of the moon?

the setting for transformers 3 dark of the moon was mainly in Chicago, New York,Washington D.C, and on the moon

Is twilight new moon a mystery book?

No, Twilight - New Moon is a romance novel. It has a mysterious twist, but it is not a mystery.

Does B ella get engaged in the book new moon?

No. Bella Swan does not become engaged in the novel New Moon.

Major character of new moon setting?

The main characters in new moon are Bella, Jacob, and Edward.