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Supposedly, he moved to Hawaii and pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. Click on the 'Lee Michaels' link on this page to go to one of his fans tribute sites. Do you know what I mean?

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Q: Where and what is 70's musician Lee Michaels doing now?
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Did lee michaels sing my love is alive?

There may be another song by the same title, but the "My Love Is Alive" I remember was a 70s hit for Gary Wright. Lee Michaels sang "Do You Know What I Mean."

What is Lee Michaels's birthday?

Lee Michaels was born on November 24, 1945.

How tall is Sarah Lee Michaels?

Sarah Lee Michaels is 5' 6".

When was Johnny Lee Michaels born?

Johnny Lee Michaels was born in 1963, in Finland.

How old is Lee Michaels?

Lee Michaels is 65 years old (birthdate: November 24, 1945).

What is the birth name of Johnny Lee Michaels?

Johnny Lee Michaels's birth name is Jouni Turpeinen.

When was Lee Collins - musician - born?

Lee Collins - musician - was born in 1901.

When was Lee Harris - musician - born?

Lee Harris - musician - was born in 1962.

When was Lee Morris - musician - born?

Lee Morris - musician - was born in 1970.

When did Lee Collins - musician - die?

Lee Collins - musician - died in 1960.

Did Lee Michaels write a song called Oak Fire?

yes its on his album called lee michaels 5th

Where was Lee Michaels Live recorded?

Lee Michaels Live was recorded at Carnegie Hall in New York City.