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Q: When was the song lets get physical made?
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What is the song lets get physical about?


What is the song that made Jennifer Lopez a star?

lets get loud

What artist sings the song containing the lyrics 'lets go Ryan Ryan let's go'?

i think your thinking of the song lets go riot lets go

What is the Brisbane broncos theme song?

The song is Lets Go The Broncos

What female singer made their song physical a hit?

Olivia was the biggest selling song of the 80's decade.

Is there a flo rida song which goes like rock lets do it say its hot so lets move it or something like that if there is what is the song?

uuuummmmmmm...... no!

Who sang The song lets straighten it out?


When does Justin Bieber song lets go come out?

no one relly knows when jbs song lets go but dont ask or else you will never know!

When was A Physical Presence - song - created?

A Physical Presence - song - was created in 1985.

What was house of shem first song?

The First song was called *Lets have Sex Hard*

What year was the song lets get it on recorded in?

Recorded in 1973.

What is Emily Osment's favorite song?

Lets be friends