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Boney M was a euro disco musical group from Germany. They had a few popular hits including who sang Rasputin, Love For Sale, and Daddy Cool. Their single, Daddy Cool was included on their debut album Take the Heat off Me, which was released in 1976.

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Boney M. was created in 1975.

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Q: When was the song Boney M by Daddy cool first recorded?
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In what month of 1976 did Boney M's daddy cool enter the German charts?

Daddy Cool was Boney M's first big hit. Produced by Frank Farian (who later discovered Milly Vanilly), it spent 23 weeks in the German Top 10 and 35 weeks in the German charts. It entered the German charts on 19 July 1976 at no. 40, dropping out the following week. The song re-entered the charts on 2 August 1976 at no. 42 and then over the course of the next six weeks, rose to no. 1 on 13 September. It briefly lost the top spot the following week but regained it on 27 August 1976 and held onto it for the next 10 weeks, falling to no. 2 on 6 December 1976 and again regaining the no.1 slot for the third and final time on 13 December 1976. The song then spent the next 14 weeks slipping down the charts

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