What does hot daddy means?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A hot daddy means a cool daddy

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Q: What does hot daddy means?
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How do you say you are a hot daddy?

"i AM a hot daddy."

Is daddy Yankee hot?

Obviously not.

What does mi papi chulo te extrano mean?

From what I know it means "I miss you my hot daddy" It could also mean 'I miss you, my comical dad'

What does mean suavemente besa you papi in English?

It means,Kiss your daddy softly.

What yo tambien papi means?

it means "Me too daddy"

I love you daddy in Yoruba?

"Mo fe e baba" in Yoruba means "I love you daddy."

Hitler who was he?

my best friend.

Is daddy Yankee hott?

Very hot..Daddy Yankee is the reggaeton King..You Know? gasolina. Rompe.Lo Que paso paso..All Are popular..i lke My daddy Yankee and i Love my daddy Yankee...The Big Boss And King Of Regaeton ..Only One DADDY YANKEE

What does papi chollo means?

Pimp Daddy

What does And blinking in the mirror are daddy's baby blues means?

and blinking in the mirror means you cant see well.but for the are daddy's baby blues i dont know

What does it mean when mommy says daddy is the snake in your garden?

It means does daddy have a good erection ready for sex

Why is Daddy Yankee important?

Because in Puerto Rico (where he is from) Yankee is slang meaning someone who is tall and big in what he/she does so "Daddy Yankee" means "Big Daddy"