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Scarabaeus sacer was created in 1758.

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Q: When was Scarabaeus sacer created?
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Latin name for dung beetle?

The Latin name for dung beetle is Scarabaeus sacer.

When was Children of Scarabaeus created?

Children of Scarabaeus was created on 2011-03-29.

When was Song of Scarabaeus created?

Song of Scarabaeus was created on 2010-04-27.

How many pages does Children of Scarabaeus have?

Children of Scarabaeus has 336 pages.

How many pages does Song of Scarabaeus have?

Song of Scarabaeus has 368 pages.

What is Latin for beetle?

The Latin word for beetle is "scarabaeus."

What is a sacer vates?

A sacer vates is a divine or sacred poet.

When was Pavao Sacer born?

Pavao Sacer was born in 1912, in Zagreb, Croatia/Hrvatska.

How do you say Sacred in Latin?

You say 'sacer'.sacer in the masculine, sacra in the feminine, sacrum in the neuter

When did Pavao Sacer die?

Pavao Sacer died on February 18, 1967, in Zagreb, Croatia/Hrvatska.

When was Zlatko Sacer born?

Zlatko Sacer was born on August 24, 1928, in Zagreb, Hrvatska, Yugoslavia.

When did Zlatko Sacer die?

Zlatko Sacer died on February 12, 2003, in Zagreb, Croatia/Hrvatska.