When was Ri Myung Hun born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ri Myung Hun was born in 1967.

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Q: When was Ri Myung Hun born?
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Who is the tallest Korean male alive in 2013 right now?

The tallest Korean male in 2013 is Ri Myung Hun. Mr, Myung measured height is 7 feet and 8.5 inches, which makes him the 7th tallest man alive on the planet He was born on September 14th 1967 and plays on the National Korean Basketball team. He lives in the capital city of Pyonguang along with his wife and son

When was John Myung born?

John Myung was born on January 24, 1967.

When was Chae Myung-shin born?

Chae Myung-shin was born in 1926.

When was Han Myung-Woo born?

Han Myung-Woo was born in 1956.

When was Lee Myung-Sun born?

Lee Myung-Sun was born in 1976.

When was Myung-wha Chung born?

Myung-wha Chung was born in 1944.

When was Son Myung-soon born?

Son Myung-soon was born in 1928.

When was Kim Myung-Soon born?

Kim Myung-Soon was born in 1964.

When was Hong Ki-myung born?

Hong Ki-myung was born in 1959.

When was Shin Myung-Hoon born?

Shin Myung-Hoon was born in 1981.

When was Han Myung-hoi born?

Han Myung-hoi was born in 1415.

When was Myung Jae Nam born?

Myung Jae Nam was born in 1938.