Where is Spooner Street?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Quahog, RI

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Q: Where is Spooner Street?
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When was Halloween on Spooner Street created?

Halloween on Spooner Street was created on 2010-11-07.

What is the Family Guy Halloween on Spooner Street special about?

"Halloween on Spooner Street" is about, get this, Halloween... on Spooner Street. It wasn't a special either, just a regular episode.How detailed a description were you interested in?

What is a street with the letter s?

spooner street

What street number does the Swansons live on in Family Guy?

29 or 33 spooner street as the Griffins live on 31 spooner street

What is family guy street called?

Spooner Street

What is the Griffin's and their friend's addresses on Family Guy?

The Swansons: 29 Spooner StreetThe Griffins: 31 Spooner StreetGlen Quagmire: 33 Spooner StreetThe Browns: It was probably 32 Spooner Street

Where does Herbert from Family Guy live?

He has a bit of a floating address but he lives on Spooner Street w/ the Griffins. His numerical address might be 27 Spooner Street

What do youu called the street in family guy?

They live on Spooner Street on Quahog, Rhode Island.

What is the street name of the griffons on family guy?

that would be Spooner street. Their house address is 31.

Where do the Griffins live?

They live on 31 Spooner Street in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island(A bit of trivia | Spooner Street is a real street in Providence RI, the city that is featured in the background of the external shot of the Griffin house)

Where is the Railroad Memories Museum in Spooner Wisconsin located?

The address of the Spooner Railroad Memories Museum is: 1101 Huron Street, Spooner, WI 54801

What family guy episode is the Halloween special?

Halloween on Spooner Street which is on Season 9