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Laurence Dauphinais was born on November 18, 1983.

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Q: When was Laurence Dauphinais born?
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What movie and television projects has Laurence Dauphinais been in?

Laurence Dauphinais has: Played Voice Over in "Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague" in 2010. Played Joannie in "Lance et compte" in 2010. Played Annie in "Le bonheur des autres" in 2011. Played Mother in "Tale" in 2012. Played Zoe in "La Chienne" in 2013.

What actors and actresses appeared in La Chienne - 2013?

The cast of La Chienne - 2013 includes: Laurence Dauphinais as Zoe Lynda Johnson as Barbara

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