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Laurence Richardson Baily was born in 1815.

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Q: When was Laurence Richardson Baily born?
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When did Laurence Richardson Baily die?

Laurence Richardson Baily died in 1887.

When was Laurence Richardson born?

Laurence Richardson was born on 1975-06-22.

When was Edward Baily born?

Edward Baily was born in 1852.

When was Cyril Baily born?

Cyril Baily was born in 1880.

When was Basil Baily born?

Basil Baily was born in 1869.

When was Charles Baily born?

Charles Baily was born in 1815.

What has the author Laurence Eaton Richardson written?

Laurence Eaton Richardson has written: 'Concord chronicle, 1865-1899' -- subject(s): Chronology, History

When was Kirk Baily born?

Kirk Baily was born on September 9, 1952.

When was Francis Baily born?

Francis Baily was born on 1774-04-28.

When was John Walker Baily born?

John Walker Baily was born in 1809.

When was Eddie Baily born?

Eddie Baily was born on 1925-08-06.

When was Milner Baily Schaefer born?

Milner Baily Schaefer was born on 1912-12-14.