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Fleet Southcott was born on February 23, 1903.

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Fleet Southcott died on October 14, 1981.

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Q: When was Fleet Southcott born?
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When was Heather Southcott born?

Heather Southcott was born in 1928.

When was Ernest Southcott born?

Ernest Southcott was born in 1915.

When was Joanna Southcott born?

Joanna Southcott was born in 1750-04.

When was Andrew Southcott born?

Andrew Southcott was born on 1967-10-15.

When was Audley Southcott born?

Audley Southcott was born on January 8, 1926, in UK.

What is the birth name of Audley Southcott?

Audley Southcott's birth name is Audley Edward Southcott.

When did Ernest Southcott die?

Ernest Southcott died in 1976.

What has the author Joanna Southcott written?

Joanna Southcott has written: 'The voice in the wilderness'

When did Joanna Southcott die?

Joanna Southcott died on 1814-12-27.

What has the author Mary E Southcott written?

Mary E. Southcott has written: 'The Sound of the Drum'

When did Audley Southcott die?

Audley Southcott died in September 2005, in Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK.

What has the author E W Southcott written?

E. W. Southcott has written: 'The parish comes alive' -- subject(s): Pastoral theology