When the the first MCR concert?

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Sometime in either late 2001 (which is the time they started the band) or early 2002.

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Q: When the the first MCR concert?
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What the greatest band greenday or mcr?

I prefer MCR, but that's just me.

When is the next mcr concert?

There are no more MCR concerts. Their last concert was last year in Oct. The band right now is taking a break from their 2yr long tour. Gerard ,however, is already on songs for the next CD. They are taking an extended break now, but their new single 'Desolation Row' is coming out in October this year, and they will hopefully (fingers crossed MCR fans!) will be touring later this year, early next year. July in Califonia and August in Australia.

What was the first song Gerard way wrote for mcr?

The first song MCR ever did was "Skylines and Turnstiles" Gerard wrote it, its about Gerard witnessing 9.11 while traveling to a comic book job.

Hawthrone heights or my chemical romance?

Defenetly My Chemical Romance. Hawthorne Heights is not as good as mcr. MCR ROCKS. Hawthorne heights does not have music as good as mcr. Hawthorne heights is a pretty good band too but MCR is #1. MCR IS NUMBER ONE!!!!!! I Love mcr

What was Harry Styles first concert?

His first concert was a Nickelback concert.

What does mcr the band mean?

Mcr means my chemical romance!!

What was mcr's first song?

Skylines and Turnstiles

What is all the songs on the first album of mcr?

i dont know! :-( Well,i do but i forget!

When was mozart's first concert?

his first concert was when he was 6

When was elvis's first concert?

His first concert was in 1954.

Why is there an international My Chemical Romance day?

Because us MCR fans appreciate MCR so much that we decided to dedicate an entire day just to them. :DIt's celebrated on July the 23rd, because that's the day MCR's first album came out, back in 2002. (:

Where did Mozart do his first concert?

Mozart did his first concert in Asia. no that's wrong he did his first concert in Vienna when he was 6

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