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January 16, 2013

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Q: When the movie warm bodies going into cinemas?
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What is the rating for the warm bodies movie?


What movie poster says dead inside until he met her?

Warm Bodies.

What is the guy's real name who plays R in the movie warm bodies?

Nicholas Hoult.

Was the movie Warm Bodies playing on February 15 2013?

The movie Warm Bodies was released on February 1, 2013 so yes it was still playing in movie theaters on February 15. If you want to know if a movie is still playing in your area check or to find show times.

How many pages does Warm Bodies have?

Warm Bodies has 240 pages.

When was Warm Bodies released?

Warm Bodies was released on 02/01/2013.

How much money did Warm Bodies gross worldwide?

Warm Bodies grossed $116,643,610 worldwide.

How much money did Warm Bodies gross domestically?

Warm Bodies grossed $66,380,662 in the domestic market.

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