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M83-Midnight City. . . .95% certain

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Q: What song played during the shower scene in warm bodies?
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What song played during the shower scene in the hitcher?

The song it Out of my Hands by Dave Matthews Band from the album Stand Up

When was Shower Scene created?

Shower Scene was created in 2002.

Who are the girls in the Stripes shower scene?

who the woman in stripes shower scene

Which 1960 Hitchcock film has the most famous shower scene ever?

Psycho had the most famous shower scene.

When was Silver Screen Shower Scene created?

Silver Screen Shower Scene was created on 2001-05-02.

What mom was killed in a shower scene and daughter was chased by Michael Myers?

Janet Leigh was killed in the famous shower scene in Psycho. Her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis played Laurie Strode, who was terrorized by Michael Myers in the Halloween movies.

What is the name of the song that they played in hop during the training scene?

The song being played in 'Hop' during the training scene is 'We No Speak Americano' by Yolanda Be Cool.

Who was the body double for suzi in Valley Girl for the shower and love scene?

Marla Stone did the body double for Michelle Meyrink in the love and shower scene.

What was the song played shaimus on the scene the movie the room mate?

Shaimus played the song "Let Go" in the cafe scene, and the song "Tie You Down" during the frat party scene.

Is there a shower scene in the Highschool of the Dead Manga?

Yes there is a bath scene in the HOTD manga.

What is the song during the kingdom of heaven love scene?

Saa Magni byOumou SangareSong played in the Director's Cut during Balian and Sibylla's love scene

Is Goc from The Shower Scene band single?

no he died