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22nd of July

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Q: When is the band One Direction doing another LiveStream?
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Are one direction just another pop band?

No they are a British Boy Band.

Do one direction the band come from America?

there was another band from the US named one direction but then since the newer one direction is more popular, they got to keep the name.

What song did one direction get sued for?

they didnt get sued for a song but the name "One Direction" is already the name of another band :)

Is one direction boy band coming to Jakarta in 2013?

no they will not maybe another time

What do one direction want to do you there future?

In their future? If that's what you meant, then they want to be doing exactly what they're doing now. They want to keep performing as a band!(:

Is one direction a girl band or a boy band?

one direction is a boy band

Who exactly are these one direction people and what are they doing in australia?

One direction is a boy band from the UK. They were made on the X-factor. And they were in Australia for their up all night tour

Who is the leader in the band One Direction?

Theres no leader in the band One Direction. :l

Is anyone from One Direction quitting the band?

As of November 2013, no one from One Direction is quitting the band.

Why does One Direction have to change their name?

Because there is another band in the us with the same name and they are sueing them because they had the name first.

How much for rent one direction for a concert-?

There is not a way to rent the band One Direction for a concert. You can get tickets and go see the band One Direction.

Was the band One Direction in a plane crash?

No, the band One Direction has never been in a plane crash, thankfully.