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Q: Is one direction a britpop band?
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Who are the drama queen cousins?

the drama queen cousins is a britpop band

Is one direction a girl band or a boy band?

one direction is a boy band

Who is the leader in the band One Direction?

Theres no leader in the band One Direction. :l

Britpop band with Brett Anderson?

Suede, or the London Suede as they were known in North America.

Is anyone from One Direction quitting the band?

As of November 2013, no one from One Direction is quitting the band.

How much for rent one direction for a concert-?

There is not a way to rent the band One Direction for a concert. You can get tickets and go see the band One Direction.

Was the band One Direction in a plane crash?

No, the band One Direction has never been in a plane crash, thankfully.

Do the band One Direction have abs?

YES! one direction has abs

Who is a better band One Direction or Vampire Weekend?

One direction

Who is the youngest band member in one direction?

Harry Styles is the youngest in the band One Direction :)

Is there a band named one direct?

No, no band named One Direct, but there is a band named One Direction.

Is the band one direction from Ireland?

not all of the band are from ireland only niall is the rest of 1d (one direction) are from england