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spec September 7 pleasures December 27 and i think babyblues is august 13 i think i need to check

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September 7,1986

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JAN 25

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Q: When is lingerie of pretty ricky birthday?
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Does Pretty Ricky have a favorite song?

Yes!!!! Baby Blue: Tipsy (In Dis Club) By Pretty Ricky Spectacular: Tipsy (In Dis Club) By Pretty Ricky Slick' Em : Dirty Diana By Michael Jackson Lingerie: Love By Musiq Soulchild

What is the new member of pretty ricky?

The group members are LINGRIE , Spectacular, Baby Blue, and Slick'em (Slickemdelephante). LINGRIE is the new member but as a group no new name, Pretty Ricky always and forever.

Is Pretty Ricky still together?

Pretty Ricky was the name of a band from Miami, Florida. The members were Baby Blue, Spectacular, Pleasure P, Slick'em, Mowet, Ambition/4play, Lingerie, and J.Long. They released four albums but broke up 2012.

What is all the members of the Pretty Ricky group?

i heard this girl name kyanna ray went with all of them

Did pleasure leave pretty ricky?

pleasure did leave pretty ricky

What is ambition from pretty ricky whole name?

pretty ricky i a group it is not a person

Who is the oldest out of pretty Ricky?

Spectacular Blue Smith is the oldest member of Pretty Ricky.

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