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Baby Blue

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Q: Who wants to get married from pretty ricky?
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Is Spectacular from Pretty Ricky Married?

No Spectacular from the R&B boy band, Pretty Ricky is not married. Spectacular released a song in 2011 entitled, Beat it Up.

Eastenders who did ricky get married to?

ricky got married to bianca

Did pleasure leave pretty ricky?

pleasure did leave pretty ricky

Is ricky norwood married?

is ricky norwood from eastenders black

What is ambition from pretty ricky whole name?

pretty ricky i a group it is not a person

When did Ricky Martin get married?

Ricky Martin married to Jwan Yosef in 2017

How tall is ricky Lauren?

The heights of the group Pretty Ricky is not known. Pretty Ricky was formed in 1997 and disbanded in 2012.

Is pretty ricky virgins?


When was Cuddle Up - Pretty Ricky song - created?

Cuddle Up - Pretty Ricky song - was created in 2007.

Is 4play still in pretty ricky?

No he is no longer pretty ricky for reasons unknown, he is no replaced with Lingere aka. Finesse

What is the name of Pretty Ricky's second CD?

Pretty Ricky's second album is called Late Night Special.

When is pretty ricky's album coming out?

when does the new preety ricky CD conme out