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There won't be a demo.Its only on stores.I also want a demo and i hope we get one.

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Q: When is WWE 12 demo coming out ps3?
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When is FIFA 12 demo coming out on ps3?

The game comes out on September 30 2011 and the Demo of the actual game is available then for 24 hours for PlayStation plus customers

When will the WWE 12 demo come out?

at the WWE PPV Survivor Series (2011) That's When WWE'12 Will Come Out

When does WWE 12 demo come out?

it come out on november 23rd

Is sin cara is in WWE 2011 ps3?

No, he is only in WWE'12.

Is WWE 12 coming out in November 22 2011?

Wwe 12 is coming in november 22 2011 in illinois

Will WWE 12 ever come out on playstation?

Yes on Ps3

How do you make someone tap out in WWE 12 ps3?


Can you get WWE 12 on ps3 and play it on a ps2 consol and why?

No Because PS3 games do not work on PS2 consolles

What systems are WWE 12 for?

the game is only for the xbox360, ps3, and wii.

Is there create an arena on WWE 12 for wii?

No only for xbox and ps3

How do you get someone on the table in WWE 12?

if its ps3 get them leaned on table and press x

Does WWE 12 have for PS2?

nope its just for wii,ps3,and xbox 360