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Sorry it is only a Downloadable Content (DLC) for X-box and PS3

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Q: Can you unlock Batista on WWE 12 on wii?
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How do you download down loadable characters for WWE 12 on wii characters?

i will get some unlock in wwe 12

How can you unlock kharma on WWE 12 for wii?

you cant shes only a dlc,but you could create her.

Is batista going to be in WWE 12?

Batista is in WWE 12 but he is only on the dlc on January 2012 he will be available with all the other superstars

Will batista be on WWE 2012 video game?

THQ had announced that Batista WILL be in WWE'12 as a DLC person though

Do you get The Rock in WWE 12 if you pre-order it on Wii?

idk but you can unlock him when you do road to wrestlemania when you don't pre order

How Do you unlock Booker t on WWE 12 wii?

You do the hero story on road to wrestlemania

Can you unlock Bruce Lee in WWE 12 wii?

No, but if you look on the Internet you can probably find a way to make him using Create a Superstar

How do you unlock hbk in WWE 12 wii?

you have to beat store mode in the game on hard mode and beat Triple Hs store

Is there cheats to Unlock the rock on wwe12?

In order to unlock The Rock in WWE '12, you must complete the Road to Wrestlemania challenge. WWE '12 is a professional wrestling video game developed by Yuke's and published by THQ for the PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360 systems.

What is the mizs attire code for WWE 12?

There are no codes to unlock Miz's attires; For Xbox,PS3 u have to pre order the game,for Wii do the 2 RTWM and you'll unlock it.

How do you get WWE shop in WWE 12 on the wii?

You just click on WWE Shop

What is the code to unlock hulk hogan in WWE 12?

you cant unlock him he is not in it