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She was born in 1986

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Leah Solonynas birthday is july 18th 1986

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Q: When is Leah clearwater's birthday?
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Who is R Leah?

Leah, is Seth Clearwaters sister. She is the only female wolf. Also Sam Uleys x-girlfriend. haha <<< she deserved it:]

Twilight What color is Leah clearwaters fur when shes a werewolf?

When in wolf form, Edward describes her as a "smaller grey wolf".

What is Leah Clearwaters fur color is wolf form?

In wolf form, Leah Clearwater's fur color is grey with light brown undertones.

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When is Leah Remini's birthday?

Leah Remini was born on June 15, 1970

What is seth clearwaters real name?


What is Leah Ward Sears's birthday?

Leah Ward Sears was born on June 13, 1955.

What is the name of everyone in new moon?

leah,embry,quil,jacob,sam,bella,edward,carlisle,emment,alice,rosealie,esme,charlie,billy,seth,clearwaters,emily,mike,angela,put more names on if i forgot. =P