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Justin Bieber's birthday is on the 1st of March 1994.

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Q: When is Justin Villegas's birthday?
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What is Justin Bieber's birthday sign?

Justin Bieber is a Pisces.I think Justin Bieber's birthday sign is Pisces.

When is Justin Biebers birthday and does he want 2 go out to dinner with you on his birthday?

Justin's birthday is March 1, 1994, (:

What time was Justin biebers birthday?

Justin's birthday is on March 1st and the year is 1994.

Is Justin Bieber's birthday on March 1?

Yes, Justin Bieber's birthday is March 1.

How many people have the same birthday as Justin Bieber If you have the same birhday as Justin Bieber then post your birthday HERE?

I dont have the Same birthday as Justin but mine is March 8th.

When is Justin biebers mom and dads birthday?

Justin Bieber's mom's birthday is on April 2,1976. Justin Bieber's dad's birthday is on June 4. Sorry I don't know the year.

When is Justin drew bieber's real birthday?

Justin Drew Bieber's real birthday is March 1,1994

Is Justin Bieber's birthday March 14th 1994?

No. Justin Bieber's birthday is March 1, 1994.

What did usher gave Justin bieber for his birthday?

Usher gave Justin Bieber a car for his 16th birthday

Is Justin Bieber's birthday on march first?

YES!!!!! Justin Bieber's birthday is march 1st, 1994!

When is Justin odell purdie birthday?

his birthday is march 1 its 2day i love u justin bieber....

When and where is Justin Bieber's birthday party?

In California on his birthday.