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Bella Swan was born on September 13th, 1987.

Her vampire birthday (when Edward bit her) is September 10th 2008.

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September 13th, 1987

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Q: When is Bella Swan's birthday?
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Where can you get Bella Swans birthday dress?

You can get Bella's birthday dress from New Moon at Hot Topic.

What day in September is Bella Swans birthday?

The Thirteenth.

When Bella Swans birthday in twilight?

Sept 13th I guess

What is Bella Swans real birthday in real life?

9 april

When is Bella Swans birthday in twillight?

Her birthday is September 13th, but she does not have a birthday featured in Twilight. She only has a birthday in New Moon.

What is Bella Swans birthday?

September 13

Who plays Bella Swans grandma?

Bella's grandmother/old Bella is played by Christina Jastrzemska

What Was Bella Swans Gran Called?


What was the name of Bella Swans grandmother?

Grandma Marie. Bella called her Gran.

Who is Bella Swans husband?

Edawrd Cullen is Bella's husband. -Edward Cullen

In twilight what is Bella's grandmother called?

In Twilight, Bella Swans Grandmother is called Gran.

What is Bella Swans type of phobia?

Bella is hemophobic, or has a fear of blood.