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words that create a pileup of detail

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Q: When editing which types of words should you remove?
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What is the importance of editing?

An importance of editing is that a person is able to correct the mistakes in his/her typed work. Editing also helps one to learn more spellings of words

During my TIP mission of editing answers do I need to use minor edit?

Yes and no.The yes:If you are editing the answer to correct spelling, grammar, edit the layout or style, remove excessive punctuation, removing a link and so on. In other words, if you edit an answer but do not provide additional information, you should use minor edit.The no:If you are editing to add new information to an answer, correct an answer, or contributing an additional/alternative answer underneath the current answer.You should ideally use both minor and ordinary edits in answers for this task so TIP can assess your usage of them.

What can help you remove clutter from your writing?

To remove clutter from your writing, try to be concise and clear with your thoughts. Use active voice, keep your sentences short, and avoid using unnecessary words or phrases. Editing and revising your work can also help streamline your writing and remove any clutter.

What do you mean by editing a document?

Editing texts-means changing the words or reformatting[making bold or itallic or indenting etc.]

Why is editting important?

yes ,It is right editing is required to catch mistakes but It checks the format also like how you write ,how your words matches with other words.

How do you bleep out swear words on your own videos?

Your video editing software should have an audio functionality. You can simply zero in on the timeline for the word and slice it out, or use an editing program like Wavelab to generate bleep tones that you can insert as a 'voice over' track in the video.

How is polysyllabic used in a sentence?

I'm editing some polysyllabic words out of my essay.

What will you most likely perform during the editing stage?

Replace vague or general words

What is editing-omission?

editing omission means to edit the wrong words at wrong places.for ex- sita wint to london tommorow. ans-sita went to london yesterday

Words that illustrate types of music?

Words that illustrate types of music

What is the difference between rephrasing and editing?

to edit is to cut. to rephrase is to put into different words. calhoun

What tasks will you most likely perform during the editing stage?

Replace vague or general words