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Bella tells her mother in the beginning of the book that she's going to marry Edward. Her mom also appears in her wedding.

In the book she doesn't tell her mother that she's having a child. Her mother was told that Bella was sick, but she tells Charlie that she have a child, and he also visit Bella, and her child, Renesmee.

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She doesn't tell her dad the baby (Renesmee) is hers she says that Edward's brother died and left his baby to Edward and that she wants to look after it. She also tells him she's alot older than she is 'cause she grows really really fast

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in the 4th book, breaking dawn

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when shes on honeymoon at isle esme

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Q: When does bella find out she's pregnant?
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Does Bella think shes pregnant in new moon?


How does Edward find out Bella is pregnant?

Bella gets sick to her stomach on the honeymoon so she goes to her suitcase to find some pepto bismol. While she is searching for it she comes across a box of tampons. Then Edward walks in and ask Bella if shes alright. Bella shows him the box of tampons and tells him that her period is 5 days late and that she thinks shes pregnant. Edward sort-of goes into shock after that...

What does Bella learn in Breaking Dawn?

shes pregnant and she becomes a vampire

What twilight book does Bella realizes shes pregnant?

Breaking Dawn

When does Bella find out she must be pregnant?


Why do Bella and edward return from their honeymoon early?

Because they find out that Bella is pregnant.

Is Bella perengent in real life?

yes Kristen Stewart who plays Bella is realy pregnant and she is marrying Robert pattionson so shes pregnant . Bella is pregnant in breaking dawn and so is Kristen.Well Bella doesn't exist but Kristen is not pregnant. She is now filming, or is done filming, a version of Snow White.

Will the Cullens find out that Bella is pregnant in Breaking Dawn?

Yes they will. Edward and Bella tell them

How long does it take from when Bella finds out shes pregnant to Renesmee's birth?

In the Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer, it takes about seven to eight months from when Bella finds out she's pregnant until Renesmee is born. Bella discovers her pregnancy at the end of "Breaking Dawn" and gives birth shortly after.

Does Jessica find out about Bella and Edward's marriage?

I believe so i think shes invited.... so yes she does.

Does Edward find out Bella is pregnant?

Yes he does and her name is Renesemme Cullen

Where does Bella find out she is pregnant?

Isle Esme. (In Breaking Dawn- the 4th book of the Twilight Saga)